To book a massage, send message here:
Woodinville – 17612 140th Ave NE – 425-408-0962
Burien – 15830 1st Ave S, B109 – 425-215-5488
Renton – 101 SW 41st St – 253-246-7026
Bellevue – 14040 NE 8th St #227 – 425-777-5528

  1. Welcome traveller!

    Jade Massages




    Healing through deep tissue massage.

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  2. Welcome!

    From the humble staff at Jade Massages.

    We want you to have the best possible massage experience.

    Let your mind take a rest while your body experiences our traditional Chinese, deep tissue massage

    We are each fully licensed in the State of Washington, and we each have had years of experience delivering deep tissue passage to each of our valued clients. Many choose to return, and some have been visiting us for years.

    Every human body, during a typical day of exertion, work and fatigue, builds up tension and toxins. Although many of our internal organs work in unison to rid the body of these 'negative energies', sometimes it can do with a little help. At Jade Massages, we will help your body do what it does naturally.

    Our most popular massage is our one-hour, full body massage. you'll hardly notice the time pass -- you might even fall asleep -- while we take care of you.

    Jade Massages.

    -- Jade Massages
  3. Massage in Woodinville

    Our philosophy

    Joy comes from patience and discipline

    To give a truly wonderful massage, the masseuse must be dedicated to the art, and qualified in her subject.

    Complete presence of mind and focus on the subject means the person receiving the massage has the benefit of all of the masseuse's positive healing energy.

  4. Visit us in comfort!

    We are open seven days a week, from 10AM to 10PM

    There are always at least two of us, so it's highly likely you will get service on a walk-in basis. But if you want to be 100% sure of an appointment, text ahead at the number of your choice.

    Some people like a soft, gentle massage. Others prefer a deep vigorous massage. Let us know what your preferences are, and if there are any areas of the body that need extra attention. Sometimes an old sports injury might need to be avoided, or indeed, focused us. Let us serve you well by telling us what you prefer.

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